Why no custom box builder application?

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Hi, I am moving house from woocommerce to shopify www.letterboxliquorice.co.uk. I am currently using a plug in on woocommerce called custom product box. I set a price for a box with a maximum amount of products for the customer to fill. I have looked and looked and cannot for find anything that matches this on shopify. I know there is the box builder app but that does not allow me to set one price rather the price is calculated per item. Can anybody in shopify land offer me a solution as this feature is very important to my business, thank you 

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I have a couple ideas:

A) Maybe something like a product options app? I've used Infinite Product Options on a few projects, if that doesn't suit your needs try searching "product options" in the Shopify app store, that might steer you in the right direction.

You could set up a product and then let the user enter the products they want to include.

B) You could create a product called Box Builder or something, then have a note box where the customer can add the products they want in there (this can be done with a little custom coding).

C) If you can't find a solution, the Shopify API is powerful, you can likely build a custom app to do exactly what you want. If you strike out on existing solutions and want a custom app, feel free to give a shout to my team at speedboostr.com/contact. We have a few app developers in the squad and regularly build custom apps for Shopify stores.

Good luck, hopefully you can find an easy solution in the app store.


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