Why was my online store closed without warning?

Why was my online store closed without warning?

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We just received an email stating our store has been closed for violating your AUP.  We have checked your AUP and are not in violation of any of your policies.  We have already filed an appeal.  We spent six weeks and thousands of dollars migrating our store to your platform.  We are depending on you to operate our business exactly like a retailer would depend on a landlord of a property to provide access to operate their store.  You don't send a warning, you don't give us the opportunity to respond, you don't provide a way for us to contact you other than to file an appeal on a form.


What you did should be illegal.  There are laws that prevent this same kind of action in real estate.  There should be laws against e-commerce platforms that can put a company out of business without any warning.  


We need help and we need it now.

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This is super shitty @Shopify not sure how you can do this with so little explanation.  No answers or reasoning here?

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I’ve had exactly the same thing! Spent countless hours and money and then just shut with zero reason or warning. The mail responses look like generic copy and paste and the support team do nothing. What happened in your case, did you get it back?