Workaround: Implementing Cash On Delivery with additional charges

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Shopify doesn't support this natively, but here's how we worked around it.

We have been typically charging Rs. 100 for all orders below Rs. 1000 (Standard), and offering free shipping for orders above Rs. 1000.

We wanted to pass on Cash On Delivery (COD) fees to customers, while still retaining the original shipping model.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Shipping. We had our two existing shipping rates in place, which have been set up based on order price.

Step 2: Add a new shipping rate, based on order prices, titled Standard + COD. Set the minimum order value at Re. 1, maximum at Rs. 999. Set the price at Rs. 175. Save this and go back to the Shipping menu.

Step 3: Add a new shipping rate, based on order prices, titled Free + COD. Set the minimum order value at Rs. 1000, leave the maximum blank. Set the price at Rs. 75. Save this and go back to the Shipping menu.

Step 4: Go to Settings > Payments. Enable Cash On Delivery, which you will find under Manual Payments.

What does the user see?

When they checkout, based on their order value, they will see 2 options in shipping method: Standard and Standard + COD for orders below Rs. 1000; Free and Free + COD for orders over Rs. 1000.

Once they move on to payment method, they can choose COD. We've also added a line asking them to ensure they've set COD as their shipping method in the previous step.

This does depend on customers following the flow as they should, without any mistakes; but it's better than not having the option at all. We've just launched this, and will be observing the outcome closely.

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Hey there!

Thanks for sharing this guide here! I'm sure it will be of great value to those who are setting up their COD rates! 

Victor M

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Hi Team PoppadumArt,

thanks for your contribution, it really solved a problem that I had for some time (several months).

There was a previous post which referred to the inclusion of a specific shipping method as you did

The difference in your solution is that you have shown in very precise terms, and step by step all the actions to be taken.

Even the suggestion to remind the customer to select the shipping method as the one with the code is very useful.

Greetings from Italy,



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This is the only feature i dont like in Shopify. Otherwise shopify is really good.


Not sure why this is not taken as priority by shopify to fix this issue. Its just a relationship building between shipping and payment methods.


I am in the cart from 2013 and i have built a nice windows application in C# which sends mails to all those who try to have payment method as COD and shipping method as free.

If a provision is made by shopify a piece of code can be embeded and solve this problem easily. Not sure since 3 years i dont see Shopify taking any lead to fix this issue. please visit and i made a similar one explained by Team PoppadumArt


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I think as Shopify employe you should report this issue to your team. Defenetly it is a needed function. This is not the safest solution. It depends of customers right action.

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Kerem, fortunately I am not an employee of shopify but i have a cart purchased on shopify. Finally Shopify team has done the job for me.

There are 2 ways of having COD in payment settings,

1) Selection of manual method in payments

2) Selection of alternate method in payments as COD if you install the app


If a customer selects a COD method in shipping and a payment method is payments, then he will get redirected to a different page  created by this app and it works. Do contact the support when you configure becasue they still need to bind the shipping method to payment method.


One issue still persists, if the customer selects COD as shipping method and credit card as payment method, the COD charges are applied and it gets redirected to the payment gateway.


Much better now compared to earlier. Please feel free to visit our store with this configuration now

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Ciao Guido, per cortesia potresti spiegarmelo in italiano?

Grazie mille

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How is your experience now? Is it better? Any updates from Shopify to that app?

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This is not even close from being a proper solution. 
We cannot transfer a technical issue to the customer, and expect they will do it right. 
This would be an horrible customer experience, and I'm sure it would put extra work on customer service. 

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Hello, with a bit of custom development we have worked out a clean way to add an extra COD fee if a customer adds COD as the payment method at check-out. It's with mentioning that you need to have a Shopify Plus account as this method will not work on the normal shopify plans. 

But if you need any help with this, then please feel free to reach out to us. We are registered Shopify Experts. -