How can I automate inventory levels and back orders on my online store?

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I want to automate my stock / inventory levels as much as possible. 


The only problem I see is that once an item goes out of stock I want shopify to continue selling as there is always a back order with the supplier. 


For example it could be 10 in stock and 30 due in on the 3rd of March. So once the 10 have sold I would like for it automatically pick up that it can keep selling but advise Next Delivery due 3rd of March. 


Each day my supplier sends out a stock update which shows SKU's, Current Stock, Incomming Stock and Date. Is there someway to automate all of this? 


I am going to have over 600+ products on my store so doing them all manually will 1. Send me insane and 2. Just take too much time up. 

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You are describing a pretty complex scenario and depending on your technical abilities it may be better to go with a product that does this for you.


Flow could potentially automate this, but it depends on details. What do you mean by "Advise next delivery"? If you mean tell the customer after they place an order, you would need to hook in one of the email delivery apps like Klaviyo. If you mean change the product page, you could probably make use of metafields in your theme to show that info (and set those metafields with Flow). 


Integrating your supplier's stock update might be the hardest part. How do they send you the stock update? Does that get into Shopify somehow? If it gets into Shopify, then you may be able to access that information in Flow but it depends on where it's stored and whether the right trigger it available for Flow to make use of that info. You could build a custom connector that fed the info to Flow, but that requires quite a bit of coding.

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Thank you for your reply. 


I think I am more so looking for something I can upload which just shows customers the next available date for delivery. 


Have a look at this page


It says delivery within 10 working days I would love to just upload an excel document that reads the SKU's and then can change the delivery date to what ever my supplier has put in the excel document.