How can I automate inventory notifications for specific customer requests?

How can I automate inventory notifications for specific customer requests?

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I run a brick & mortar and online merchandising store and am looking for some help with a service or work around that could help us solve an issue. 


The shop we run is a consignment shop, so each of our products are unique pieces, and we get new inventory in everyday. Often, our customers have requests for specific products they're looking for or pieces theyre wanting to buy. Since we have no way of predicting what our inventory will look like in a week or a month, we're looking for a way to get notified when any inventory matches a customer request. 


for example, enter somewhere that  customer Jane is looking for a Prada tshirt. when we go to add a new product that matches that description, we are able to receive some notification that we should reach out to that customer. 


is there anything like that out there? or any kind of Shopify work around to automate the process? 

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I think you need to consider how you are going to match interest with an actual product. It can imagine it might be brand, size, style, etc. Probably you should be looking for app to do that rather than Flow. Flow could help, for example by checking if a vendor matches or if a product has certain tags, but because the app logic is likely rather complicated, it would be pretty complicated to write all of that logic in Flow. 

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