How can I create a flow with customer tags and product tags?

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hi im trying to make a flow similar to :

{% if customer.tags contains 'dealer' and product.tags does not contains 'customerstage'%}
  {% render 'product-accordions' %}   
{% endif%}
or something like
{% if customer.tags contains 'dealer' %}
      {% render 'product-accordions' %}
{% elsif product.tags contains 'customerstage'%}
      do nothing 
{% endif%}
i've tried to replace my do nothing in the second flow with a text flow but the product-accordions is always showing
any help will be appreciate thank you !
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I don't think `does not contain` is valid liquid. Also, your second example is not the same logic as the first and it would always output if dealer is in the tags.

I think you want `unless` instead of does not contain, but you need to nest that condition instead the if statement. 


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According to you can use 'unless' instead of an if-then statement.