How can I delay the trigger of an age verification app flow after checkout?

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I hope you are all well,

Currently I am trying to launch an age verification app that runs post checkout. The gate itself works really well and tags my orders with "AV" if they have proved they are of age. 

The problem I am having is, I need to add an order not based of one of these tags, which are applied post checkout.


The flow itself is basic and that is all it needs to be, has anyone got experience with an ability to delay the trigger of the flow? Ideally 1 minute or so after the order is paid. 


Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks 

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Hi @kpaterson ,

If you don't manage to find a native solution within Flow, our Order Tagger app has a Flow connector that is currently delayed by 30 seconds.

What this means is that once we receive a webhook from Shopify to indicate that a new order has been created, we will run your tagging rules against that order to either add or remove tags from that order. If you have enabled the Flow Connector feature within Order Tagger,  we will then send a trigger for that order into Flow 30 seconds after we have updated the order.

If you don't manage to find a solution in Flow and think that Order Tagger could work, then we'd be happy to customize the delay for your store to 1 minute.

You can read more about using Order Tagger as a Trigger in Shopify Flow here:

I hope that helps.


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Would also be interested in this. Doesn't seem possible today.