How do I automate email alerts when shipping address is updated?

How do I automate email alerts when shipping address is updated?

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I want to create a flow that when an existing unfulfilled order has the shipping address edited, an email is sent to myself (store owner) and my 3PL manager.


Current problem is i have quite a few customers who email me to change their address after placing order. I then update it in shopify but then send a manual email to my 3PL (3rd party logistics shipping company). I want to automate this.


I know how to do the email part in flow, but wondering how i set up the rest of the flow?

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Hi! Unfortunately, flow doesn't have a trigger when an order gets updated. This is a feature request we are aware of, hopefully we will get to it soon. At the same time, you can consider use Flow's "Get order data" action with a schedule as a workaround.

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To get when orders are updated, you can use:

  • Scheduled time trigger
  • Get order data (something like updated in last week, not yet fulfilled)

The hard part is detecting if the Shipping Address changed. One idea is that when the order is created you could save the address as a string to an order metafield (using a separate workflow). Then in the workflow above, after the "get order data", you could check if the address still matches. It would be easiest if you used a single part of the address like the street. 

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We have a similar need for an "order updated" trigger. We set a cart attribute called delivery_date, which becomes an order custom attribute. Admins can modify that date via the admin UI and we want to respond to order edits. Polling all orders isn't tenable.