Why is my HTTP PUT request failing in Flow?

Why is my HTTP PUT request failing in Flow?

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Im trying to make a PUT request from Flow to the PriceRule resource. The objective is to add a customer to a discount. I have tried the request in Postman and it works perfectly.


But when I input the request into Flow and the action gets triggered, I get this error: 

400 Bad Request {“errors”:{price_rule”:”Required parameter missing or invalid”}}


This is what I'm inputing into Flow: 

HTTP Method: PUT

URL: https://{API key}:{API password}@{my_store}.myshopify.com/admin/api/2019-07/price_rules/{price_rule_id}.json

    Key: X-Shopify-Access-Token
    Value: {API password}

    "price_rule": {
        "customer_selection": "prerequisite",
        "prerequisite_customer_ids": [ 5678765*** ] 

What parameter am I missing and where can I find examples or more detailed docs for the future? 

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