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We are a fulfillment company and have a client who already has a store.  We are looking to build an API so that Shopify can send us an order to our API each time an order is created on their store.   We will also create endpoints to provide tracking and stock levels back to shopify.   


It appears we can create the required endpoints described in the "Fulfillment Services" section for Shopify to ping our API to get the tracking and stock levels for us.   Is this correct?


Also, the bigger question is, how can we have Shopify send an order to our API each time one gets placed?  For example, do we need to subscribe to a webhook or something similar?   Just to note, on this particular store, not all items ordered are fulfilled by us, and therefore we only want to be notified of the orders placed that contain the products we will be fulfilling.   (I believe we can attach our fulfillment service to the product to enable this)


So far:

1)  I created a Fulfillment Service, and now just need to attach it to the particular products we will fulfill (simple enough)

2)  I gave it the base URL of our API

3)  I will create the specific endpoints for Shopify to call to get tracking and stock levels.

4)  Now I just need a better understanding of how to collect the orders when they get placed.   What is the required endpoint for this.   Please help..


Also, please clarify if any of the above is a misunderstanding on my part and-or not a possible workflow.





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Hi @kjacobi, great question! But, I'm not sure this is the right forum to help you out. I would check out the Shopify APIs & SDKs forum.


What I can tell you is that your best bet is to use a webhook to push the shop's order information to you automatically - that's exactly what they are used for. You can learn more here: https://help.shopify.com/en/api/reference/events/webhook

Anthony // Product Marketing Manager @ Shopify
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