How can I add a mandatory 9-digit 'Organization Number' field in checkout?

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Hi all, im new too shopify and apologies if i am completely in the wrong forum location or that this has been answered before or anything. I have tried to find an answer within google, shopify chat and shopify community without success. 


Now my main goal was to add a mandatory field within the checkout called "Organization number". It has to be digits only and has to be 9 digits. As far as i understand there is no way to edit the checkout using the Basic shopify plan.


So then i read further and found that maybe the best solution is too do this within the cart attribute. At this moment the code looks like this: 


<div class="vat-reg-number">
  <label for="vat_reg_no">Organisasjonsnummer</label>
  <input type="text" id="vat_reg_no" name="attributes[VAT Registration Number]" value="{{ cart.attributes['VAT Registration Number'] }}">


If i understand it correctly at the moment it will accept anything. Text, numbers whatever. 

Would it be some kind of possibility to make something like: 

"While ( vat_reg_no>99999999 && vat_reg_no<1000000000) {keep asking for the cart attribute}


(So basically only accept numbers that is 9 digits and if not keep asking) 


Also i have figured like an alternative for me is: Create a new mandatory account field called "Organization number" and it will create a note on the account with the number in question. I would also need to set that account is required to buy at store which i would like to avoid. 


Currently the code within customers/register.liquid looks like this: 

<label for="vat_reg_no" class="label--hidden"> </label>
<input id="vat_reg_no" type="text" name="customer[note][Organisasjonsnummer]" placeholder="Organisasjonsnummer" />

This one has the same problem as the cart attribute that it has no kind of validation which is problematic. 

Also naturally if i do get to fix this "Account creation with validation" i would like that the cart value gets automatically updated so that customers that have created an account dont have to fill it in twice. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am aware that there are apps that may help me out like "Customer fields"  (


However i am on a low budget and it will just not be possible. Thanks in advance. 



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Hi Andromedae,


I have read your case with interessting. I'm not facing the same promblem, but I think I can help you a little.


I have created a METAFIELD also for VAT number. When you create a METAFIELD you must deside the type of datainput. Then I use a code simalary yours in the main-cart.liquid:


<input id="vat-nmb2" type="text" class="input__vat_ean" name="attributes[VAT]" pattern=".{8,}" placeholder="Indtast nr." value="{{ customer.metafields.my_fields.vat_nmb.value }}" required >


Here you will see the pattern=".{8,}" . The maximum carracters in this field.


In meanweile I have problems with storing the data Link to the case.


I have a question. Where do you store the "VAT Registration Number" in your solution?



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After 14 days, the attributes on the Cart page work again. And honestly, and apart from the fact that I have spent a lot of time finding a cause, there have been no changes made to the shop. All tests are done at a test shop. Good that it works again...