How can I align images properly in the Prestige theme?

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I am very new to Shopify, coming from WordPress and are very frustrated that so "expensive" templates are so poor. I mean, I buy the theme "Prestige" $180, and it even not have a "Continue Shopping" button on the cart, so I had to modify it.

Well, I not post my first post to complain, but to get help.

I try to make some pages, but what ever I do, every images becomes centered.

This is as I want it to be, here from the editor:
Screenshot 2020-04-18 at 14.24.39.png



But as you see below, the photo is centered....what ever I do I can't solve it.

Screenshot 2020-04-18 at 14.25.27.png

Any suggestions?

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Hello @olejohan,

Can you please share which code you pasted in editor

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The code in the editor is as you know autogenerated, but looking at it I
discover that it generates a pxpx in "style margin"

I also can tell, I tried it in the default theme of Shopify, working
perfect, reinstalled Prestige, and ....same "error" - so I am pretty
shore this is a issue in the theme..

Here are the code (please note I did a new as I tried several
things....but result are the same.
"live page are here


Hello This is the test text, now in the () it should be a picture

So lets see how it looks (
alt="" style="margin: 0pxpx 0pxpx 0pxpx 0pxpx; float: none;"
width="32x32" height="32x32" />) .... is it correct now?

don't know..