How can I change the cart icon in the Dawn theme?

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I want to change the cart icon in the Dawn theme. 


I deleted the following code in the snippets folder: <svg class="icon icon-cart" aria-hidden="true" focusable="false" role="presentation" xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 40 40" fill="none">
<path fill="currentColor" fill-rule="evenodd" d="M20.5 6.5a4.75 4.75 0 00-4.75 4.75v.56h-3.16l-.77 11.6a5 5 0 004.99 5.34h7.38a5 5 0 004.99-5.33l-.77-11.6h-3.16v-.57A4.75 4.75 0 0020.5 6.5zm3.75 5.31v-.56a3.75 3.75 0 10-7.5 0v.56h7.5zm-7.5 1h7.5v.56a3.75 3.75 0 11-7.5 0v-.56zm-1 0v.56a4.75 4.75 0 109.5 0v-.56h2.22l.71 10.67a4 4 0 01-3.99 4.27h-7.38a4 4 0 01-4-4.27l.72-10.67h2.22z"/>

Then, I uploaded the png file I created and added the link to the following code: <img src="" width="20" />


When I save and preview store there are no changes. I am new to this. Can anyone help?


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I think you should change both icon-cart.liquid and icon-cart-empty.liquid files






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