How can I create a price rule for a free item with a pram purchase?

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Just wondering if someone is able to help us with a price rule. 

We would like it so that if someone purchases our Geo 2 Pram they will get a free expandable set.


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Thanks for your good question.


i have seen your post you mean buy one get one free sets. for your limited products.

if you are looking this then let me know or you are looking for another Solution.
Thank you

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Yes it is a buy one get one free but for a different product. @Zworthkey 

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The EasyGift app is the perfect solution for your requirement - it gives you the ability to automatically add a product when a specific product is added to the cart, in your case when the Geo 2 Pram is added to cart the expandable set will be added. EasyGift works with the Shopify discounting tool so you can make the gifted product free when it is added to cart using EasyGift.


Using EasyGift, you can set rules to automatically add or offer other items to your customers based on:

- cart values

- adding a product from a particular collections

- adding a combination of products

- rules for only specific customers using Magic links

- rules to only work for logged in customers based on a range of attributes (ID, tags, order history)


EasyGift provides other helpful configurations:

- link Shopify discounts with a rule

- schedule a rule to run between specified time periods


Try EasyGift out on a 5-day free trial!


You can view our app listing here:

Check out our demo store where we showcase EasyGift in action here:

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