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How can I customize delivery options using the Buunto app?

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I am using the Buunto app so customers can select the date and time of delivery.


I would like to create some conditional. If the client selects one specific date the shipping value will increase or a value will be added to the checkout.


Any ideas of how I can create a script that resolves this situation?


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Hello @pedromonteirouk ,


You cannot do this via script. You will have to either use a third party shipping rate application or create or own, to modify shipping rates at checkout. 


Additionally, you can also considering using a shipping customization app to show a particular delivery rate only when a particular date is selected.


P.S. - I am the founder of ShipMagic app and both of the above functionalities are possible using our app. But, you would need to somehow send the data being selected in the Buunto app to our app. This can be done using a script to set the line item property.


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