How can I display the original price on the cart page?

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Note this product has a sale price

However, if you add it you won't see the original price on the cart.


I'm trying to add the original price with a line trough as it is on the product page but the original price doesn't even come to the fronted from the cart API request:


Is there a way for obtaining the original price from the cart page?

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Hi @juan_bw, this has more to do with the cart page than Shopify Scripts (which is focused on checkout). 


However, a similar question and answer has been posted here:


For the cart page, find where the current item price is and update to something like this:

{{ item.final_price | money }}
{% if item.variant.compare_at_price > item.variant.price %}
  <s>{{ item.variant.compare_at_price | money }}</s>
{% endif %}


For savings, you can calculate like this:

{% assign savings = item.variant.compare_at_price | minus: item.final_price %}
You're saving {{ savings | money }}!


Let me know if that was helpful,


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