How can I effectively connect to a supplier's API?

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I have been trying to connect to a suppliers API. Their user manual is the link below.

I have 

Api User 

Api Password


"iat": 1691239277, "exp": 1691268077, "token":

Following so many Shopify guides on how to connect mostly start with create a custom app in admin or create an app in Shopify partners. I have done both multiple times the directions loop around back and forth but never get to the part where you enter the "POST" or  "GET" I have even installed headless.

Last year when it might still have been financially possible to hire a developer I couldn't find one who could do this. 

I have lost so much time and money trying to figure this out and many suppliers I just can not even consider if I can not connect to their API.

This also affects Google as google can not read carrier calculated shipping rates from Shopify I need to connect the suppliers API csv feed. 

I have been presuming that if API was connected I could control certain functions better. EG. pricing rules 

Currently I have an app for 1 supplier (which fails constantly)

Their pricing rules for the app are basic mark up prices from products costing from 0 to $100 mark up __ % then next $100 to $100 mark up __% and so on but that does not account for shipping. 

I would like to set a seperate (lower) margin for products offered with free shipping from the supplier then those that may attract say a $100 plus shipping fee. 

Obviously the main objective for a API is for stock quantity and prices as this changes so frequently, but if I can control pricing rules and shipping pricing better then the business might be worth saving.

Also csv updates as the current Shopify way doesn't work efficiently. (I currently lose approx 40 hours a fortnight updating supplier specials)

Has any figured out a practical way of fetching 

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Hey Jacquelines,

Do you need to fetch product data in json formate. 

Thank you

Pooja Devi