How can I hide prices for sold out items in one collection only?

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Hi, I want to hide the price for sold out items but only in one of my collections. I'm not sure if the code that has been given for similar questions will apply to all collections. Can someone assist please?

Thanks in advance - Mel

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@Mel34 Please send me store url.

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I’m Richard Nguyen - CRO Expert at PageFly, I’d like to suggest this idea:


You can hide all of your product prices and reveal them again in the future by editing your currency formats.

note : This customization is for vintage Shopify themes, and doesn't apply to Online Store 2.0 themes.

You can learn more in this article

Hope you find my answer helpful!



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Thanks but that would change it for the whole store and I just want it for one collection.

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Hi @Mel34 You can check this one. It can hide prices based on product tags, and also hide the specific prices on certain products. 

The dev team can customize the collection hide price for you.

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That looks like a good app but I don't want it to say request a quote or people will think they're still for sale.

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If you only want it to apply to one of your collections, you can create an alternate collection template.  Apply the code you found to that new template, and then switch your collection over to that template.

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Thanks, I'll look into how to do that.

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Hi @Mel34 ,


To achieve the required result First you have to create a matefield for collection. We will check if value exist in metafield feature will work for it.


Don't know about your theme, but in DAWN theme open file main-collection-product-grid.liquid and add below check on li



<li class="grid__item {% if collection.metafields.custom.subheading != null %} notavailable {% endif %}">





Now open css file base.css and add below css at very end of file



.notavailable .price--sold-out{display:none}





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