How can I remove an unconfigured cookie consent pop-up from my theme?

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Good morning,

I have a cookie consent pop up which I have not configured. I don't have an application connected for it, and it duplicates my usual cookie API. When I inspect the source code, this code below appears? how do I make it disappear please? I can't find it in the code to modify from the shopify theme.
<div class="cs-modal-dialog__modal" id="cs-cookies-consent-content">
<div class="Polaris-Modal-Header">
<div class="Polaris-Modal-Header__Title">
<h2 class="Polaris-DisplayText Polaris-DisplayText--sizeSmall">
<div class="Widget__WidgetTitle">
<span>Consentement aux cookies</span>
<div class="Polaris-Modal__BodyWrapper">
<div class="Polaris-Modal__Body Polaris-Scrollable Polaris-Scrollable--vertical" data-polaris-scrollable="true">
<section class="Polaris-Modal-Section">
<div class="Polaris-CalloutCard">
<div class="Polaris-CalloutCard__Content">
<!-- <div class="Polaris-CalloutCard__Title">-->
<!-- <h2 class="Polaris-Heading">Customize the style of your checkout</h2>-->

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