How can I remove unnecessary code causing blank pages on my website?

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hi, we found there is this bunch of code detected on our website all pages and occurs a lot of blank pages, which caused the our traffic decreased on google search engine. we checked the theme.liquid, as well as pagefly theme. liquid, all of these section has no this code. so we have make a conclusion it is occurs by the shopify official side. You can also check the yellow marked there shows 'sandbox'. And the other shopify website of us has occurs the same issues. which all of these are annoying and has bad effect on our website traffics.


And here is the thing, we also checked the other shopify websites which is not shopify plus and has the same code on their website.


So here is the request, we would like to delete this bunch of codes in the screenshot in our website and make sure there is no similar issues will happen. Thanks 



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