How to display COD payment for a specific country only?

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Hi all. We have an online store using theme Impulse.

We sell with Cash on delivery Payments and PayPall.

Looking for dev to help us display COD for only one specific country...and for the rest of the world cash on delivery options to be hidden.

Can someone help with this task?

Thank you in advanced.



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Shopify Partner
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Hey @Achek ,


This is unfortunately not doable on the standard Shopify Plans, Shopify Checkout does not allow limiting the COD option to only certain countries, all Shopify payment methods will appear to all customers.


But you can have this feature if you can use a separate order form for your Cash On Delivery customers, you can use our app EasySell - COD Form & Upsells to create an easy and simpler order form that will allow your customers to quickly order directly from the product or cart page (with many additional features like Upsells, Bundles, Sheet integration... ).


What interest you the most is our app already have the option to limit the form for certain countries only, just Install the app and go to Settings > Visibility > Limit form to certain countries only then select the countries where you want to enable the Cash On Delivery.

The app offers a free generous plan and you can install it from the app store:

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For the task of displaying Cash on Delivery (COD) only for one specific country and hiding it for the rest of the world, while still offering PayPal globally, you don't necessarily need to hire a developer. This can be achieved with the KlinKode PayRules app. It allows you to set rules to show or hide payment methods based on the customer's shipping address.


Here's where you can find more information:


- Control payment methods visibility at checkout by KlinKode PayRules app.
- You can join in our Facebook group for Shopify help.