Why are my wholesale products not appearing on my website?

Why are my wholesale products not appearing on my website?

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Hi everyone - I'm trying to add a wholesale section to my website where you need to enter an approved password to get into that section.  I followed the tutorial in the below link as a guide.  




The required steps are:

  1. Ensure that the account log in is optional
  2. Modify code in theme.liquid
  3. Add wholesale templates
  4. Create wholesale products
  5. Update customers w/ wholesale tag
  6. Show a different navigation menu to wholesalers (by editing code)

I'm having issues with my wholesale products showing up. When I followed step #3, the instructions state "Shopify will automatically place some code in these templates for you". However, my 3 templates are still completely empty of any coding.  I have created a wholesale menu and that is showing up great! My wholesale products however are not. I have added them to the correct wholesale collections, tagged them with "wholesale" and added them to the wholesale theme template. (I'm using Split theme). 


Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance!

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