Why does my script editor keep showing undefined method 'upcase' for nil error?

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I managed to get a script to work to hide Expedited Shipping for PO Boxes and show Standard Shipping instead (It's the only time we show Standard Shipping).


We launched a week ago and since then, I got 8 production errors (with dozens of sales). It's always the same RuntimeError: undefined method 'upcase' for nil

Can anyone help me figure out what's going on? I really appreciate it!


Here's the script, the error happens on row 2 where I put the word in bold:


#Script begin

#Exclude Expedited option when PO Box is present
shippingaddress1 = Input.cart.shipping_address.address1.upcase.split[0...-1].join ' '
checkpobox = ['PO BOX','POBOX','P.O BOX','PO. BOX','P.O.BOX','P.O. BOX','P.0. BOX','P.OBOX']
puts shippingaddress1
#define hideship based on checkpobox. If so, hide shipping options, otherwise allow all
if checkpobox.include?(shippingaddress1)
hideship = ['Expedited']
hideship = ['Standard']

#With hideship defined, now we loop through shipping rates to delete those that match
Output.shipping_rates = Input.shipping_rates.delete_if do |shipping_rate|
hideship.any? { |hideship| shipping_rate.name.include?(hideship) }

#Script end

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