How can I fix the translation issue in Craft theme on my online store?

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I'm looking for a solution with translation problem in store with Craft theme. The buy it now button doesn't translate everywhere. The additional code for theme.liquid file translated the button in the product page, but it breaks the code completely so I had to delete it. I try adding different code in the Assets file global.js and also translates the button, but when I try to see options for products in a pop up, the button stays in english. 

I attached a screenshot of the pop up with the products and another screenshot of the product page with translated button to check it out. 

Please, if anyone could help it will mean a lot 🙂 







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Hi @M3SocialMedia  - what language do you need to translate it to? Dynamic Checkout Buttons' translations come from Shopify core so can't easily be edited, but are translated in supported languages.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.