How can I utilize JS Buy SDK and Translate & Adapt for multilingual e-commerce?

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Hi there. Very new to Shopify, but excited to be building my first headless e-commerce project.


One of the key challenges I am facing is that the site will be multilingual (Dutch and English). I have configured the languages in the store settings, and translated the product copy using the Translate & Adapt app, but somehow regardless of the language property in the initialization object, the content returned from the API is in English. In fact, even after setting the default language to Dutch the English content was returned.


const client = Client.buildClient({
    domain: '',
    language: 'nl' // 'nl-NL' does not work either,
    storefrontAccessToken: '[access token goes here]'

client.product.fetchAll().then((res) => {
    // All products in the response object are in English

Would love some help with this 🙏🏻 Many thanks!

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also facing this problem, would love any solutions!

Shopify Partner
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Did you find a solution to this problem? I am facing the same issue with the checkout. Previously it was possible to just add the locale query parameter to the checkout url and you got the proper language. Now, that does not work anymore.

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Hello @MartinKnecht ,  we have the same issue with checkout translation. Have you found any solution? Thank you!