What's the best domain option for localizing my online store?

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Dear community,


We just started our Shopify shop, lateron we want to roll-out the DE-shop to FR, ES, etc.


Now there is the question, with which URL we shoul start. There are these options:

  • webshop.com  ---> what would result in webshop.com/de for the launch now, and in webshop.com/fr for the upcoming webshop for FR
  • webshop.de  ---> what would result in webshop.de for the launch now, and in webshop.fr for the upcoming webshop for FR


Shopify offers different localizing options, with which one can localize an entire store quickly.


  • Q1: What is the best domain option to start now, taking our above-mentioned future goals in terms of the internationalization into consideration for the domain decision?
  • Q2: What app would you recommend to use?


For Q1 we are not sure, if we would need to setup an entire new system for webshop.fr later on, in case we now for the start would use the domain webshop.de. Would we need to start with webshop.com/de in case we want to translate the shop lateron with one click?


Looking forward to your expertise.


With kind regards



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