Google speed rating suddenly way down

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Interesting. I'm not quite sure how to do that. 

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When every millisecond counts, is it really worth using third party web fonts?

If you are using a third party such as Google or Typekit, you have no control over the server that you're getting information from.

This also adds extra HTTP requests and you want to keep HTTP requests to a minimum.

Web fonts are also render blocking.

You can add a fallback font in case the third party web font is down or the visitor is using an older browser.

These are referred to as web safe fonts, which are pre-installed by many operating systems and don't use the CSS3 @font-face declaration.

You can see a full list of web safe fonts at

Here is an example of how to use a fallback font.

body { font-family: 'Open Sans',Arial,sans-serif; }

CSS is by default treated as a render blocking resource.

So if you call a font as a CSS3 @font declaration this automatically means that web fonts can also be rendered blocking.

But then fonts are a small part of your problem.

File minification

The site would speed up some if it was correctly minified. The tools to do this are UglifyJS, clean-css and HTMLMinifier.

Lower your Requests

You have 145 and it should be less than 80

Concatenate files

Concatenate CSS files Embed or inline small JS or CSS files in the HTML.

You have a JS execution time of 5519 ms.

You should have 500 ms or less.

This is the number of milliseconds spent by the browser on JavaScript execution during page load.

You have 43 Duplicated selectors.

This is when two or more selectors are strictly identical and should be merged.

You have 367 Old prefixes ... you should have 0.

And you should drop Bootstrap all together and go with CSS Grid because nothing beats the source.