How can I check my website speed?

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Hello All.

I want to ask how I can find out if my website speed is good and wondered how it can be checked? 

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Hello @Markssxx 


                                     You can check your store speed and performance in google page speed tool. - 


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Hello @Markssxx ,

Evaluating your website's speed is important for providing a good user experience and can also impact your search engine rankings. There are several tools and methods you can use to check your website's speed.
Google PageSpeed Insights: This is a free tool provided by Google that analyzes your website's speed and provides recommendations for improvement. It also provides a score for both mobile and desktop versions of your site. Visit the PageSpeed Insights website ( and enter your website's URL. Google will provide a detailed report with suggestions for optimization.

GTmetrix: GTmetrix ( is another popular tool that analyzes your website's speed performance. It provides a PageSpeed score and a YSlow score along with recommendations for improvement.

Pingdom Website Speed Test: Pingdom ( is a website speed testing tool that measures the load time of your website and provides performance insights.

WebPageTest: WebPageTest ( allows you to test your website's speed from multiple locations and browsers. It provides a detailed waterfall chart to help you identify performance bottlenecks.

Lighthouse (Chrome DevTools): Lighthouse is a built-in tool in Google Chrome's DevTools (F12 or right-click and "Inspect" on a web page). It can audit your website's performance, accessibility, SEO, and more

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Wow so many tips I appreciate this very much. Cheers.

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Hi @Markssxx 

I hope you are doing good and welcome to the Shopify Community!
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You can find out if your website speed is good or bad using this site: 



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Hi Markssxx,


Thanks for reaching out to the community!


So, you can use PageSpeed Insights to check the speed of your website on desktop and mobile devices. 


It is a tool by Google, which is developed to help websites optimize their performance on the search engine. PageSpeed Insights creates reports on the user experience on both desktop and mobile devices and also provides suggestions on how to improve the identified issues on the website that might be hampering its loading speed. 


There are a number of metrics, like First Contentful Page (FCP), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), Largest Contentful Page (LCP), and Interaction to Next Page (INP), which can be measured using PageSpeed Insights. These metrics are measured under three categories, namely Good, Needs Improvement, and Poor, which helps the website owners identify how well their website is performing.


Using this tool, you can not only check the performance of your website on the search engines but also check its accessibility, best practices, and SEO practices. These checks shall assist you to identify the opportunities to improve your website and optimize its speed.


Hope it helps!