How can I find and remove large, unused images slowing down my product page?

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Hi there,

I'm just trying to improve site speed on mobile for each of our product pages. When using page speed insights it's saying that we're serving next gen format images which are large.

However, weirdly, two of the images they've identified aren't on our product page! I just can't find the images that they're on about! We must have uploaded them at some point then deleted them but I'm worried they're still there somewhere.

Where are these images and is shopify secretly loading them somewhere which is slowing down the page?


The images we don't have on our shopify product page but were flagged up are:


Any help would be gratefully recieved!



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Hello @gavingcy,

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It's possible that the images are still referenced in the HTML or CSS code of your website, even if they are not currently visible on the page. You can try searching through your website's code to see if you can find any references to these images.

Shopify automatically optimizes images uploaded to your store, but it's possible that the optimization process is not enough for some images, especially if they are larger in size or resolution. You can try optimizing the images yourself using an image compression tool like TinyPNG before uploading them to your store.

It's also possible that the images are being referenced in your theme's code, but are not currently visible on your product page. You can try searching your theme's code for any references to the image file names.

Finally, if you're still having trouble identifying the source of the images, you may want to reach out to Shopify's support team for assistance. They may be able to provide more insight into how images are optimized and served in your store.


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Hello @gavingcy  click the size guide there are some images linked to squarespace that you see in google page speed you can upload them in shopify and link them. 




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Sounds like there may be references in your theme files. You can try downloading the theme, then searching that downloaded folder with your theme assets for "squarespace". I'm willing to bet you'll find the culprit that way.