How can I fix the cumulative layout shift issue on my homepage?

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Hello everyone,


Is have issue on my homepage (Cumulative layout shift) but nothing work.

Did you have some recommandations ?




My website :


Thank you so much

(sorry for my english, i'm French).


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Bonjour Sam!

Bien joué avec anglais!


Because of this topbar, your CLS is suffering.


To make sure of this, try disabling this topbar and checking again via Pagespeed.


You have very good metrics at Page Speed already. 


Hope that helps you.

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Thank you for you reply.


When i disable the top bar, all my header disappear. 

 i'm lost

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Hi @sam212 


You don't have to disable the entire header. Most likely it is an announcement bar. If we are not mistaken, then it is configured in the theme settings. Theme->Customize or if you use the app, you can temporarily disable it.