How can I improve my website speed and add a search bar?

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hello , my website is very slow can someone help me to fix it ? thanks . and by the way i don't know why my debutify them update doesnt have a search bar , and how can i get it to work on codes?



my adress gmail is 

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Hi @sawsanz94 ,

Welcome to the Shopify Community!

I am Ani From MS Web Designer( (Top Rated Shopify Certified Experts and eCommerce Consultant from Singapore ). I helped 1000+ Shopify Store owners optimize their website loading speed for mobile and desktop and increase their conversion rate.

I will love to help you with some expert feedback here.

- Kindly Provide your Store Url,
- Also, Mention Which Shopify theme you are using

- How many Apps are you using?

Note: If your store is protected with ‘store Font password,’ please Send it here or DM me.

If you have any concerns feel free to ask me!

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hi i am using Debutify . my website is 


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Hi @sawsanz94 

Thank you for sharing your Store URL

Here are some proven steps that will improve your website speed dramatically for both mobile and desktop.

  • Select a light Weight Shopify Theme (OS 2.0 Compatible
  • Remove all Unwanted Shopify App ( That you have installed but not using)
  • Minify Javascript, CSS 
  • Reduce the Large Image Size
  • Eliminating the halting problem in Javascript
  • Apply Lazy loading per section wherever required
  • Replace Gifs with the Static Images
  • Resize Products images using Shopify App (for Bulk)
  • Check Page Speed by Google page Insight.

By fixing these issues, your website speed score can improve
If you want a Free complete Website Optimization Audit Report ( All the Actionable steps for your store ), let me know.


Useful Resources for Speed Optimization :

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If you have any concerns feel free to ask me!

Good Luck!



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i need helpp but i cant pay money 

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Hello! I took a look at your site.


It looks like your theme is messing up its lazy loading for most of the images on your site.

All of these images are loading before first paint, but none of them are above the fold:


I would recommend reaching out to the creator of the theme to file a bug with them. (I think its just a lazysizes implementation issue). 


Beyond that I would recommend to look through the apps you have installed and decide if they are important enough to keep. Any individual app won't slow down a site that much, but a bunch of them together will.


I hope that helps,

Jones from Subsecond


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Hello @sawsanz94,


Here are some tips that you should consider for improving the page speed of your Shopify store.


Page speed can be measured on the following pages (

Gtmetrix (


Here are some basic tips for improving the speed of the Shopify store: -


  1. Compress the images before uploading them to the store using the free tool called
  2. Avoid using Vimeo or youtube videos on the home page.
  3. Install and set up third-party apps after consulting with experts.
  4. Removing unused app code is a best practice that avoids running code for unused features and makes your theme code easier to read.
  5. Avoid the use of GIFs in the store.
  6. Ensure text remains visible during Webfont load:  Preload all the fonts added to your website.

 <link rel=”preload” as=”font” href=”link_of_font”>

  1. Avoid an excessive DOM(Document Object Model): Reducing the DOM size can help Increase the speed of your website.
  2. Reduce JavaScript execution time: Javascript code must be optimized and compressed for better page speed.
  3. Reduce the impact of third-party code. There are a few third-party codes that reduce page speed while loading the page like Facebook, and Instagram. Fix it.


You can also refer to this article for more help: -

We hope these points can help increase the product page speed of your Shopify store. 

For more help on page speed, and optimization connect with us.


Also, We would request you to kindly contact theme support for all Debutify theme-related search bar issues. They would be able to give a proper reason for this problem.    


However, We did not find the issue in your store, if the issue is for any specific product page kindly share the URL with us to let us have a close look.


Hope it helps. Let us know if we can be of more help to you.



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