How can I modify or eliminate the default Shopify CDN?

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How for fuc... i can change or remove the POOR SHOPIFY CDN?


Its so stupid and make me angry ...........



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You can built a custom site and use your CDN of choice, and build it like a web app to have performance super dialed in, then use the Shopify API to communicate with your database. It's a pretty big project and your monthly costs will be much higher, but if you're doing 7 figures+ it may be justifiable.

Shopify CDN is strong so likely not your problem, I'm guessing you're having a problem with your code or an app. I would investigate first the source of the problem, then you can figure out how to solve it (or post here and the community can try to help you).

Definitely not something to get angry about. Anger is a wasted emotion, focus on solutions instead. 👍

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