How to improve website loading speed and eliminate persistent loading icon?

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Hi All,


When loading to view the next group items within any collection we get a loading circle that stays on the screen even when the next items have loaded, also have had feedback the website is extremely slow when looking through our products.

We use GTMetrix to look at the Waterfall of the site and have deleted unnecessary apps, but still not having much luck.

We have over 2,500 items on our store, I expect this may play a part however we intend to add many more so really need to get this sorted!

Anyones help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all

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Hi @briccio,

Thank you for the link to your website. I understand the loading spinner is still appearing after the items on your collection page are loaded.

I've had a look and there is a Javascript error in the chrome console, after the next set of items are loaded (see below). I think by resolving this error it will fix the loading spinner issue.

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 19.09.06.png


Feel free to reach out!



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this is really good, and helpful thank you for sharing with us

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Hi @briccio 

I agree that the loading icon issue is likely related to the console error that @eStoreSpeed mentioned.

It also looks like after your infinite scrolling feature runs for the first time, it doesn't allow you to load any more products beyond that. This may be confusing customers into thinking your site is taking forever to load when it's actually just not functioning correctly. Beyond that issue, your site seems to perform quite well.

I'd recommend disabling your infinite scrolling feature and just sticking with standard pagination until you get this resolved. If you go this route, I'd recommend only showing a max of 24 products per page.

I also ran your homepage through the Shopify Analyzer to see if there were any other optimization opportunities. It's a free tool our team built for the Shopify community.

You can check out your full report here:

It looks like you could benefit from image optimizations + there are a few additional images that could be lazy-loaded.

  • You have some oversized images that are loading at 2000+ pixels. We recommend keeping your desktop images no larger than 1500px and your mobile images no larger than 960px.
  • You have some image compression warnings coming from a lot of your PNG images. If they don't have a transparent background, I'd recommend converting them to JPG to reduce file sizes. You can also use an app like Crush Pics to compress your product images.

I see that you also went through and deleted any apps you no longer need. That's great! Apps can have a pretty significant impact on performance.

Something to keep in mind, however, is you'll want to ensure that the uninstalled app code has been completely removed from your theme. To do this, you'll want to check out your main theme files to see if you notice any code related to apps you know you've uninstalled. This is a fairly common issue after an app is uninstalled.

I hope this info helps! If you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to our optimization team at Best of luck!

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Thank you so much...