Slow shopify store speed SCORE?

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Hi everyone, here's the deal: according to shopify, my store has a "store speed score" of only 32/100 and it also says, I quote, that it is slower on average than other shopify stores. But when I go to a site like gtmetrix to get an audit, my store speed score only gets above average ratings for all categories. Btw, I am using the Konversion paid theme which should be faster than most themes. Also, my store seems pretty fast to me, so why the low score given by shopify? If my store seems as fast as it need to be with a score of only 32, than how much faster would it be if the score was like 70? Doesn't make sense or add up.

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my pagescore is 18! I really like the look of my store, but I worry it's too slow... I don't want to change design. Only speed.

What can I do?



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Hey @ruthpossible

Could you share store url, I can take a look into it.

Thank you

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Hi, so what can be done to improve that score?

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Hey @Ruboaz

This can be only told after auditing the site. However, here are the most common ways to improve speed performance - 

1. Clean up code left from apps.

2. Minify images and code.

3. Remove render blocking code.

4. Lazy load images/videos.