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So my Online Store Speed is at 22 and I have zero idea why...

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Hey Community,


My website link is I am not sure why my speed is so slow considering I only have one single app installed from the app store and have optimized my page to be smooth and not messy. Please let me know if anyone could assist. 



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That page loads faster than most Shopify pages I've seen - the speed isn't slow from the tests I did. A score in the 20's is normal with that tool if you have any store facing apps.

Couple things you could do though to make it even faster:

- Use JPG image format instead of PNG for photographic images. Example of 2 images that are probably 2 - 5x larger in file weight because they're PNG instead of JPG: and

- Compress your images. Done right, this preserves the same resolution but makes your files smaller weight by removing unnecessary data. Here are some images that can be compressed to save weight / load faster:

Here's how you compress images:

- I really like that review display at the bottom of your page, looks like a positive contributor to conversion rate, so don't remove that just to get a higher score with a general analysis tool.

Side note: Your add to cart button blends in with the page, if you want people to click it, consider making it stand out with a bright color. If getting people to click the PayPal button is the primary goal, ignore that advice.

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Hi @mxssoud123 ,


I agree with @JoesIdeas here, your site definitely loads faster than most Shopify stores that I have come across!

I would like to add to that and give you a couple more suggestions that might help improve the speed further.

My suggestion would be to improve the code of your site along with optimizing & compressing the images. Specifically, you should try to deliver all the critical JS & CSS inline and defer all the non-critical JS & CSS. Also, you could try reducing the JS payloads so that less time is spent parsing, compiling, and executing it.

But, I must say that even without these optimizations, your store’s speed is quite nice, especially on desktop! You can check your current performance scores here:

If you need some help with further optimizing your site, you can write to us and we’d be happy to help you out:

We specialize in the speed and performance optimization of websites!

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