Why is my cart page loading so slowly?

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My cart page was loading at least 10 mins after I clicked the checkout button.

This is my website https://chinahobbyline.com/

Anyone can help me to check what code prevent it from loading?

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Hello @teddy7 ,


Hope you are doing well!

I have gone through your problem and would like to assist you with the same. Please feel free to reach me at prachi.verma-int@zehntech.com.

I have sent you the PM. kindly check.



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 Hi @Tedd 

This is PageFly - Landing Page Builder. I would love to provide my recommendations for your store based on 6 years of providing solutions for about 100.000 active Shopify merchants.


I've analyzed your cart page with Chrome lighthouse and the result showed that there are unused JS code that slows down your page:



You may also notice what is loaded after you click Checkout button 



So far, I saw some 3rd-party apps / service name, if there's any app that you don't use, you may remove them.


Also, in terms of user experience, I think it's quite confusing when I went to cart page and saw the offer before I could view items in my cart. You might move the Offer down below cart info.


There're too many Call-to-action buttons on the cart page and my eyes can't find the focus on the page:

- Here is an example 


=> we should reduce the number of CTAs and links, and make only 1 CTAs outstanding, which is Checkout

(Discount code can be added in the Checkout page)


You may find some cart page arrangement for inspiration from here https://pagefly.link/MpFxfyPx 

We also wrote a post on Product image optimization, I think it can help a bit in helping the page load faster (for the upsell product list) https://pagefly.link/dKgvMuXV 


Above is all my suggestions, I hope they are useful. If you think they are, please let me know by giving it a Like. Thank you!





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Hi @teddy7


Based on your query, we have analyzed your Shopify store cart page and found multiple speed issues. 

Though we cannot modify the checkout page at normal plans except for the Shopify Plus plan. We have figured out the below solution that will surely improve your cart page speed.

1. Reduce Unused Javascript files.



  • If you see the above image you have multiple javascript files that are blocking the speed of the page.
  • For eg - empire theme JS file, wishlist hero app script, stackable app script, hotjar script, Mailchimp, Facebook sales channel script, etc.
  • Lazyloading these scripts can improve speed scores.

2. Third-Party codes




There are multiple scripts that slow down your page speed. Optimizing the above scripts will improve the performance of your page.

3. Fonts and CSS optimization   Cedcommerce_7-1655898251172.png


Optimizing the above fonts will improve the overall FCP and LCP scores of the website. 

4. Eliminate render-blocking resources Cedcommerce_8-1655898251171.png


Eliminate the above render-blocking resources to improve your page speed.


5. Reduce Javascript execution time




The above image refers to the number of javascript files that are running during page load, the page request calls can be lowered to ensure better page load speed. 


Hope your issue gets resolved. If you need further assistance, let us know. 



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