Why is my store loading slowly on the first visit on mobile?

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Hey all, 


For some reason, our store is loading very slowly on the first visit on mobile. There are a few elements on the homepage that take up to 10 seconds to load, such as details from an auction app beneath the product title, and our chatbot widget. 


Is anyone able to detect precisely what is causing our store to load so slowly on the first visit? And how we may be able to fix the issue?


Thank you!

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Hi @nikki_s 

Usually when you first visit a page, your browser has a conversation with the remote server that hosts the site and it has to load all the resources, script, fonts, images, etc, so it can be quite slow. From the 2nd time, it loads faster as your browser has taken pieces of the page and stores them on your computer's hard drive (as cache). Retrieving files from your hard drive will be faster than retrieving them from a remote server, no matter how fast your Internet connection.

Also, I've checked your home page. Its weight is 2.74MB, which should be reduced to less than 2MB to be consider a good weight. You can do that by optimizing the image sizes. The heaviest is this one https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0066/4161/4937/files/2Yung_Bae_Revolving_Merch_Store_BG.jpg?v=1602....

I have some recommended tools here https://pagefly.link/avbzxeDf#01_Optimize_image_loading_times

(they help reduce image size without worsening the image quality), more tips for page speed optimization can be found on this guide as well.

You can try implement Lazy loading to your page if you haven't. It's a technique for loading web content when it's needed rather than all at once. You can find online tutorial to implement Lazy loading with code, or if you like, try our app, PageFly, to add Lazy loading without coding. It's free, so you can try as long as you need.

Your store looks so good, I believe it will be a hit.

Best of luck to you!

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