1.5k sessions and only 1 sale!!!? What am I doing wrong??

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Hi everyone!

Can someone check out my site www.saleking.ca and utilize every aspect of my site to help me see why I have such a high volume of views and so many abandoned carts?


please help!!

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  1. There's no about page, or any information about who I'm considering to buy from.
  2. There's no shipping prices available before checkout.
  3. It's very obvious it's "just another dropshipping store" based on your shipping times and random product selection.
  4. Your traffic might be garbage also.
  5. It needs a lot more work and content.
  6. It's called "Sale King", but I can't see a single sale. Only a lot of unrelated products.

Don't quit your day job just yet 😅

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Hello Saleking,

You have a wide range of products, high traffic and minimal engagement is not unexpected. You may want to feature some of your key products on the landing page. While you continue to improve your site and engage customers online you may want to look into direct in-mail marketing channel for some of your customers as well. This will remind your customers when they are ready to purchase. You may check this post if you want to consider in-mail promotions at some point. 

Good luck!


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Your site isn't trustworthy at all. Put yourself in the hands of a customer who's never heard of you. You're asking a customer to hand over their credit card information and purchase something which (might) be shipped to them.

Your contact information is a gmail account. If you can't spend a few dollars a month to invest in a professional email address, it's going to be hard to earn trust.

As others have said, this is just another dropshipping store. There's no brand.

Also, there's no unique selling proposition. Similar items are available on Amazon. Why should I choose you over Amazon? Or, Best Buy, Walmart or any other store that sells similar items?

I hope this helps.

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Hi @Saleking !

Welcome to Shopify!

Hero banner - your text is not well readable, change either color of the text or the background image. 

The sale you have seems to be a nice deal, however, when you make such a big amount off it might devalue your product. People always need to know why you have made such sales, is it a seasonal sale? or is it because there is no demand for it? Does that mean the product is bad? 

Instead of giving a discount for nothing, give them rewards for completing certain actions on your store ex. for creating accounts, for leaving a review, for sharing your site, for spending money on your site. It is not difficult for a user to do and you will get so many actions on your site, and you are having discounts anyway.


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