Abandoned Shopping Carts

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What's going on with all the abandoned shopping carts?

Hi Lizzie, 


Abandoned carts is a constant problem with any e-commerce site. In fact, about 50-80% people adding something to the cart abandon the purchase according to industry standards.

If you can give me a link to your store and your specific problems with abandoned carts, I'll be able to help out in a better way. 


In general though, it is helpful to think about this problem from the point of view of the customer and their stage in the purchase journey.

Why are they abandoning the purchase? If they have added something to the cart, we can assume they did find something they were looking for. So the reasons for abandoning now could be:- 


  • High shipping fees/taxes (This is the most commonly cited reason). 
  • They had to create a new account/enter details on the checkout page (Another very common reason). 
  • They got distracted with something else (How many tabs do you have open? Mine are at 30 right now). 
  • They wanted to buy it later anyway. 
  • Some problems which we don't know about unless we talk to them. 

To recover these abandoned carts, it becomes important to engage with these people who are abandoning the website. This retargeting can happen through multiple channels - Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Email, SMS, Messenger. Ideally you should optimize for channels which allow you to get into a conversation with the customer if you have not yet nailed why are customers abandoning your website. 


I am actually building out something to solve this problem (check my website) and I'll be happy to help you :). 


Founder at BiteSpeed - helping e-commerce store owners recover lost revenue from their website shoppers and cart abandoners. Offering early access with a 3-month free plan at bitespeed.co.

Is it me or is the ability to send an abandoned cart reminder through the Shopify platform disabled after the 1st reminder is sent?


My Abandoned Cart settings in: Settings->>Checkout are set to the recommended "10 hours"


  • [I believe - (see next question)] Those emails are sent as  scheduled but I wanted to send some of the reminders again a few weeks later - and there doesn't seem to be a way to do that within the Shopify platform.  Question is:  Is there a way to send out those Abandoned Cart reminders from Shopify again after the first time?


  • Is there way/place to view my Shopify correspondence history including things like the Abandoned Cart reminders sent - in essence my global Shopify sent box?

Hi Shefsam1,


No, I don't think there is a way to send more than one reminder from Shopify again after the first time. You'll have to use an external app to achieve that. If you want to do that specifically from within Shopify, you can look at this app called Seguno which lets you do email marketing from within Shopify admin dashboard. 


Yes, you can go to orders and then abandoned checkouts. You'll be able to see all the correspondence history you are looking for. 


Let me know if that helps! :)

Founder at BiteSpeed - helping e-commerce store owners recover lost revenue from their website shoppers and cart abandoners. Offering early access with a 3-month free plan at bitespeed.co.

Thanks.  I took a look at a few since you mentioned it.


Trying out: Follow Up Email Marketing

So far, it seems to have the exact features I was looking for without trying to be too much.  (cost is attractive as well)




Hey, shopping cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems most of the e-commerce websites face. There is no tool that can exactly solve the cart abandonment problem. To understand why shoppers abandon their carts, we need to deep-dive into what these shoppers do on the website Retailers need to differentiate between shoppers who come in with an intent to buy and those who are there to window shop only. High-intent shoppers usually know what they are looking for, if not at the product level, at least at the category level. They typically add products to wishlists and shopping carts to shortlist them. But why does this shopper bounce from the website without completing the purchase? To answer this question, it is important to understand shoppers and the reasons why they abandon their carts. To know more about shopping cart abandonment and ways to avoid cart abandonment you should check this blog - Ecommerce shopping cart abandonment: The ultimate guide Hope it helps, Thank you