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Hi everyone,

I was looking for feedback on my store which is a one-product store called 

I'm getting a lot of add-to-cart but low sales. I know it's probably a traffic issue but I've tested around 20 different ad groups and all seem to be having the same problem and it's becoming quite an expensive problem. I want to scale more but I need to be at least somewhat profitable first but I'm barely scraping even

So I'm focusing on the things that I can change for free or low cost first like the store then after looking at traffic. after thinking I was wondering if taking the customer to a separate add to cart page when they click the button add to cart instead of a side draw that pops out tellings what's in their cart hurts conversions

My reasoning for this is when people add to cart they want to keep reading but taking them to a new page interrupts their experience so they click off the website. it would explain why there's a huge drop-off from initiate checkout to add to cart (90 % drop off) but I want to hear your guy's feedback. Am I just wasting my time?

please tell me any other areas of improvement on my website if u spot them and ill keep you guys updated on the results 



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