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I own a jewellery store but I make 0 sale for 2 months now:(( and I used and spend money on fb ads that didn’t work I was wondering if I can skip fb ads and use only IG and google ads will be enough ? Also I have a low marketing budget I don’t have videos or shooting models with my products and can not do it anyway since I am in lockdown, anyway if anyone can help me that will be great 😃

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I'm a Shopify website builders and digital marketer.

I understand how bad you'll feel not getting sales but this is what I can help you achieve and get done.

I'll be willing to help you and achive the success story with you


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Hi @Francescaecogir

It would be great if you can provide us a store URL link and more statistics about your Ads performance. 

Thank you, 


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@Francescaecogir please provide you store URL

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