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Can I please get help with this overly compilicated Shopify app and no I don't want to hire a expert

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1. My store link does not appear on Google search

2. When my store is searched on shopify it says my store does not exist

3. I have been asking for assistance from the help or support center in vain

4. I have items listed in my store that are sitting there, I paid for the store but I can't sell it as nobody knows my store exist

5. I don't know why this app is so complicated, every single time I wanna do something I get told to hire a shopify expert, it's almost like that is the main purpose of this app to 1 pay to use the app and than pay someone to help you use the app

6. I was able to add a buy button and about 4 other options to buy from my store but I am unable to add my online shopify store

Can I please get help????

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Well, looks like you're confused as hell. 

Go watch a 2 hour Shopify crashcourse on Youtube, this should help you.

And please always do that in the future before buying products for 29$/month.