Could use some feedback on my store

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I'd love a few extra sets of eyes to look over my site to see if there are any improvements or adjustments I should make. I feel that there may be something during checkout I'm not seeing that deters shoppers from completing their purchases. Also, if anyone knows how to change the ugly green color of the shipping calculator, please let me know. I haven't figured out how to do that yet. It's the one thing on my site that I really hate. LOL

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Hi, @OCMike!  

WOW! Your store looks so fun! You have done a lot to make it look great, and it shows. Great job!

My biggest suggestion is to use visitor behavior to help you evaluate your website. Heatmaps (to show you where people click and scroll) and session recordings (to watch a person’s visit) will help you understand the pain points that prevent more people from checking out. 

But let’s dive in.

You have some really, really fun products here!  A few things:

  • Get a banner up to promote either the free shipping or the Wrebbit gift deal. Be sure to link it! 
  • Limit your hero image to one rather than a rotating carousel. If you use click heatmaps, you would be able to see which ones had more engagement. 
  • You may want to add collections to your homepage to help them shop by age, model, etc. 
  • Use a scroll heatmap to see how far down the page people are scrolling. Do they make it to the footer? What information do they use to decide to click into a product?

For me, this is where you can make the biggest updates. It’s really the tale of two navigation bars. 

On desktop, there are conflicting navigation options. You have the horizontal menu (in red), but most people wouldn’t be shopping from that. These items could live in the footer, unless your click heatmap shows a lot of engagement. 



For the green box, that’s more of your typical main navigation options. Test moving it to the top of your homepage and adjusting what you feature. The blog may be able to also live in the footer.

For mobile, it’s a little different experience. Notice the red circle - it’s around an overlap of your rewards program and Messenger chat. In green I highlighted your menu, which is easier to use than for your desktop users. Again, use click heatmaps to better understand how visitors use the navigation and what could be making it difficult for them.




Watch session recordings to see where your visitors are clicking. That behavior may change based on device type, campaign, etc. You’ll be able to filter the information down to see just recordings of people who visited from Facebook or are on a mobile device. 

I also noticed an issue with your “Shop By Age” options. 




When you expand an age range to include “& up,” it makes the age collection impossible to use. For example, your 5-8 yrs & up collection had items that were meant for a 14+ year old. If I’m looking for something for a 5-year-old, that’s not going to be a good experience. 

Collection Pages
For reference, I’m on the Wrebbit 3D Puzzles. I decided on this collection for a reason - you have a special deal going on here. This would be a great time to promote that gift offer. I like that you have a filter, but I would just give it a filter audit a few times a year.

For example, in this case, there are three filters: Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Castles. Unfortunately, Castles and Game of Thrones are the exact same product. In this case, you could probably eliminate a filter for Castles until you get more castle puzzles in stock.

Product Pages
For reference, I’m on the Harry Potter Hogwarts Astronomy Tower. 

  • Reiterate free shipping
  • Promote your special gift offer. It doesn’t need to be a banner - it can even be in a poll that pops up when they visit the Wrebbit collection.
  • Add a “Buy Now!” button
  • I love that you provide so much detail on the number of pieces, size, ages, hours it takes to complete (in your models), etc. That’s great insight. Make sure you clarify what comes with it though. For your Library Study Diorama (and other products), it mentions glue, brush, tweezers and other small tools. It’s not clear what is included and what I’ll need. 
  • Add in a review invitation in your post-purchase communication to get those reviews going! 


A few things:

  1. Again, your top navigation with the GovX ID Program distracts from the purchase. It looks like it’s part of the cart. 
  2. I love that you have shipping estimates! 
  3. You have phone number in there twice. Instead of offering them the option to checkout using either the phone number or email address, opt for check out using email. It prevents your visitors from having to enter the same information twice.
  4. Hide the Company Name. 
  5. I would test removing the phone number from the shipping page as well. See if that impacts your sales. 

I know it sounds like a lot, but it’s all focused on finding what’s stopping visitors from completing their sales. Visitor behavior lets you spot those issues and fix them in real-time. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, live chat, polls and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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Thanks for the feedback, Danny.

I do agree that the top navigation is a bit redundant. I've decided to remove it since I have the same info in the footer or the side bar.

The shop by age is a new addition that I'm trying to implement. I'm not happy with it yet. I'll play around with it a little more.

I hardly ever look at my site on my phone. So I didn't know they overlap. I'll move the Rewards button to the left side. 

Banners are always a tough one for me. I do need to do some better work on that issue. Probably will need to hire out for that. lol

I'll test the Buy it Now button to see if that helps. And I'll find some way to communicate the free shipping options better. 


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A good app is Ecomfit (For more about push notification app, you may visit here and follow these steps ).

I hope this helps.





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Hi @OCMike  welcome to Shopify family

I hope your business is going well during these difficult times. I checked your store website, and I have a few tips and feedback I'd like to share,

1. The header menu size can be reduced as the logo scaled too much it is not giving any professional look to your website. I think if you remove the circle from the logo and re-scale the icon and the title name would be great.
2. There is no breathing space if we scroll down a bit, the category boxes have no breathing space between them which is looking cluttered. 
3. Engaging the audience by writing a blog with different titles and posting them on different social media platforms will be helpful.
4. Add a section of frequently brought/suggested items this will increase the product value and it will be reviewed as well.
5. Bigger images in your catalog view product list with bigger images and hidden description can increase sales and will add brand value to your products. Ensure that every product has large images in the product view that zoom to fill the browser window.
6. A minimum of 3-4 images must be there for every product so this will help the customer review the product from every angle and will give a detailed description of the product.
7. Product badges are a great way to highlight specific products in your store so they stand out. Getting your customers to take notice of the best product offerings and promotions means your sales campaigns should be even more successful. You can even combine product badges with proven marketing techniques such as scarcity and social proof and your products should sell even faster.

I hope this helps!


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