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Folks, need get some critique on this:
most important is different opinions on load speed, landing page , product page and check out process.


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Hey there, @EcomWorld

Thanks for asking for some feedback! Let’s just dive right in.

First, are you targeting an audience who is specifically looking for cooling fans, or would you be getting a general audience who may need it? The reason I ask that is the biggest issue I saw was a knowledge gap. When I came to the page as a new visitor without any knowledge of it, I didn’t know what I was looking at or what it does. Above the fold, it’s not telling me enough to get me to scroll down. 

I like that you have a video, but I don’t think it’s being used in the right spot on the page or in the right context. Instead of showing it by your laptop, show it on your phone. I was distracted by the motion that I didn’t read “Mobile Phone Cooling Fan - Reduce Battery Heat.” It doesn’t stand out. The white text over the video blends. But even then, I’m not sure it is telling me why I need this product. 

There is one missing title/tagline: 


In general for the homepage, I think you need to take a step back and use visitor behavior to find out what your visitors think. Where are they clicking (use click heatmaps)? How are they scrolling (use scroll heatmaps)? What happened during their visit? I would really use that information to find out more about how they use your homepage in particular. 

Also, you’re missing a huge opportunity here with your banner. It’s not linked, and the message is really too long. Use the banner as a way to communicate a deal (i.e., free worldwide shipping) and link to your products. Take out the Order Now and Customer Support to focus only on that promotion.

This is where I would use click heatmaps the most. Where are people clicking? Are there options that could be housed only in the footer and not in the main navigation? A few suggestions:

  • Test around calling it Catalog or All Products
  • Track My Order and About Us are valuable pages, but they may be able to be moved solely to the footer.
  • For the FAQ, do some updates. It’s not very helpful at this point. Use session recordings to see how people use it. If no one is using it, consider breaking it up into different FAQ pages - how to use the product and what to expect and ordering/shipping/refund questions. 

Collection page
A few things stand out:

  • Watch keyword stuffing. The Chillmax USB Air Condition Upgraded Portable air Consider Fan, 2 in 1 Small Personal USB Air Cooler Desk Fan Mini Air Purifier Humidifier Cooling for Home Office Camping is a prime example. It’s just too much.
  • In general, I’m finding it difficult to understand what I would need and when I would use it. There has to be a better way to display these and guide people to find out the right one. When I would use the Next Gen GamePad Max Mobile Phone Cooler vs. the Next Gen Chill Max Mobile Phone Cooler? If you are targeting people who are new to this technology, find a better way to display the items.
  • Your filter needs work. I’m a huge fan (get it?) of filters, but yours has too many options to be effective. 

I would suggest running a poll to ask people something like, “What phone cooling products are you looking for today?” that then link to specific collections. 

Product page

I’m on the ChillMax USB Air Here’s what I noticed:

  • Your free shipping banner has disappeared! I would also highlight your  free shipping under the price. Make that stand out more!
  • Make sure the product in the images match the color when selected from the drop-down. Right now, it’s staying on the pink image regardless of what color was selected. 
  • There is wayyyyy too much text here. You have a novel when you really need a short paragraph. Move to the photos to the top carousel, and consolidate your text. Personally, I would focus on: portability, add ice for AC or water for a humidifier, USB-powered and size information. 
  • I love that you have a 100% buyer guarantee. Just be sure to link to your email address. 
  • Add in product reviews! People love reading reviews! Add in a review request in your post-purchase confirmation emails. 

Your website has so much great opportunity here, and I know that visitor behavior is going to help drive those changes to result in more growth and sales for your store. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, polls and more with a free trial (no credit card required) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps! Good luck! 

 Cheers - Danny

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