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email verification

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Hi, I have recently set up my website and am receiving an email for verification and am unsure if it is a scam or not as it says the web address from the link it sends me is not secure what is the official email address name used to send me the verification email.

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@Tommegahey would you please like to share screenshots in here or in my inbox idk because I cant not see the email so unable to say anything right now. 

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@Danishecom it was the right one apologies, haha just realised it didn’t make me type any private info and it verified in my account so it’s all good. Thanks anyway.

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Off topic:

If you want to enable email verification for your customers (as is common practice basically everywhere outside Shopify) you can use the Customer Fields app to accomplish this. The app offers account options that aren't available natively on Shopify:

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