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Feedback and developer needed for

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Hi, we're launching and looking for feedback on

Also, looking for a freelance Shopify developer, please share a short bio, hourly rate, and 2 to 3 websites if you're interested in helping us fine-tune the site!

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Hello Oliver 

Hope you are doing well .

I have checked your website and i found that I can make it more attractive , Elegant and Userfriendly as well

I would like to discuss with you now , So that I can share my Idea , how we can make your Store to next level

Looking forward to working with you 



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Hey there, @olivierroth!  

Love the look of your store thus far. It’s very clean yet approachable, which is fantastic. I would be happy to give some feedback!

Let’s start on the homepage

  • Your hero image needs a CTA. 
  • “What’s your biking style” - I would add a CTA that’s linked to a bicycle quiz. If someone’s new to biking, this would provide something interactive that would help them pick out that perfect bike.
  • Make sure you link your email address! It’s located near the footer in the “Not sure where to begin” feature. 
  • Overall, use a scroll heatmap to find out how people are using the homepage. How far do they scroll? If you switch a click heatmap, where are they clicking? Being that you just launched, you may not have as much traffic, but it can still provide insight into how your visitors utilize your store.
  • Test your logo. I like that it has an animation, but I’m not sure the animation works in conveying that you’ve been around for 10 years/have 10 years of experience. You need an About Us page to help bring that to the forefront. 

Question: Do your visitors know about bikes and are just looking to buy a new one? Or are they newbies who are looking at options? I would run a poll to see what kind of audience you’re attracting. It will help you reevaluate your messaging and features depending on the split. 


  • You’re missing some important information, like Terms of Service, Shipping Policy, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy and Contact Us. 
  • Newsletter: Add some value here. Do they get free shipping on their first order if they sign up? Or a discount? Give them a reason to sign up. 
  • Facebook: Make sure the link opens in a new tab. 


  • I like that you’ve kept the main navigation simple, but it may be too simple. 
  • As you get more traffic, watch session recordings - which act like a DVR for your website - to find out how they navigate across your store.
  • Text expanding your navigation to include your collections, like Home | All Bicycles | City & Hybrid | Performance | Gravel | Electric Bikes | Under $500 (added to be mindful of budget buyers)
  • Evaluate your main navigation and drop-downs with click heatmaps; you’ll be able to see where they are clicking (or not) 

Collection Pages

  • The filters need to be ramped up a bit. For the City & Hybrid collection, your filters are for City, Hybrid, Performance. Remember that not all of your visitors will be experienced, so adding filters for price, color, gender, size, etc. will be helpful in narrowing down the options.
  • Keep the photo dimensions/ratio similar for all of your images; some of the images had a slightly different ratio which stood out as I scrolled (i.e., 2020 Giant Sedona)
  • Again, a quiz to help visitors find a bike would be extremely helpful! 

Product Pages

  • There are inconsistencies with the pages. Pages like this one for the 2020 Giant Sedona have a cleaner, more professional look while this one for the 2020 Momentum iNeed Street look pretty messy. However, the sizing chart is incredibly helpful! 
  • As someone who isn’t a cyclist, I don’t know what information is most important for your bikes. However, I feel like the information from the 2020 Momentum iNeed Street has too much information here; it reads either like it’s unapproachable (do I need to worry about the fork or shifters?) or like it’s from a drop-shipper. Things like “Weight” which ask the visitors to have a local dealer weigh it isn’t very welcoming or encouraging someone to buy it today. 
  • Make you include something in here about a weight limit on a bicycle. While this may not apply to all of your visitors, it may prove to be helpful for others. 
  • You’re missing any information about shipping! Customers hate surprises about checkout, and this is no exception. 
  • A FAQ page with helpful tips or how the bicycles will arrive would be helpful here.  
  • Don’t forget about reviews! Visitors love to learn about what customers felt about the product (or your store), and customers love to give it. Be sure to include a review invitation in any post-purchase communication.

Checking out

  • Talk about surprises! Because you have no store information on it, I didn’t even know that there was a pick-up option!
  • Another surprise: There are restrictions on where your bikes can be shipped. I don’t know if this is a glitch or something your business has to work through. You need to be 100% clear where you ship and how much it costs. If your visitors run into a similar experience as they check out, they aren’t going to contact your store for more information. They’re just going to leave.


Live Chat
I can’t wrap it up without talking about connecting with customers. Your page looks great, but it’s missing that trust for visitors. If someone was interested in spending $944.99 for the 2019 Giant Content 1, do you think they would complete their purchase without knowing how much shipping costs, when they would receive it, how much will they have to do to put it together, and what happens if it’s not a good fit? 

Live chat would help you communicate with customers and answer their questions in real-time while they are on your site. You can help them find that perfect bike without having to go to their email inbox, and you can lead them to the right product with co-browse.

Auto invites are also a tool that could help you. You set the criteria (i.e., didn’t check out within 2 minutes of adding a product to the cart), and a chat invite is automatically sent to anyone who triggers this. It’s not done on the development side, so you can customize it to fit your customers and their needs

Visitor behavior plays a crucial role in helping you evaluate your store and find areas to update/improve it. Because it’s based on what visitors experience, you don’t need to guess what’s not working. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, poll, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

You’re on the right path here, Olivier! I can’t wait to see how your business takes off.

I hope this helps! Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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Hi @olivierroth 

I hope you're doing great!

I would be happy to work with you. Please give me a suitable time to discuss your requirements.

Also, add me over Skype id- live:jennifer.wcoast or Email-

I look forward to your response!

Stay Well🙂