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Feedback needed on site no sales

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Hello I’m trying to get some help to get more sales on my site. I started it about two weeks ago running ads on Facebook, Snapchat, and Google. 

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Hey @TechGeekNerd,

First off, very cool niche. I like that you are focused, you have a target audience, this is good!

Next, getting your SEO done properly is so important! We hear from a lot of store owners A LOT that they get a lot of traffic but no conversions. We’ve created a video walking you through how to do your SEO properly so that you can target your intended audience:

Design wise, there are a few things I noted:

The top image is just too big. This is what it looks like on my screen:


It covers my entire screen. That space is prime real estate for selling your product, it's your first impression for potential customers, definitely make it smaller vertically so that the text goes up.
I would also recommend changing your front page text. Something simple, so that at a quick glance the visitor can tell you sell computer accessories/other tech.

Your Facebook link leads to a mobile view, for desktop users it looks like this:


You can resolve that by updating your link to:

Lastly, tech is a really saturated market. I highly recommend getting creative with your marketing. I would suggest you give YouTube videos a shot, try reviewing the tech you sell and then say in the video that you have a link to your shop in the description box where they can purchase it.

We hope our response was helpful, if it was, let us know by giving us a thumbs up!

Best of luck!



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