Feedback on fashion store Wandering I - Promotion Experience

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Hi All,

I hope you are keeping well & safe. If you are reading this, I would very much appreciate if you could spare a few minutes to provide some feedback on my fashion store Wandering I. Wandering I sells unique clothing & accessories from around the world. We offer free shipping to all of our customers to any country.

What I am looking for in particular is feedback on a tiered promotion we launched yesterday. Customers save 20% when they spend £150 / 30% when they spend £200. I have added some new features such as a countdown skinny banner on all pages, social proof, promotion text on PDP's and on cart. The promotion is applied automatically at checkout once the customer reaches the spend threshold.

So far, no sales from the promo and we have had around 200 sessions a day. Also noticing bounce rate is in the 70%'s and time spent on site is below a minute. I am racking my head around what elements may be driving this. E.g any feedback on your site experience, site load time etc... Would love to hear your thoughts on both mobile and desktop?

Much appreciated!



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