Feedback on my store, no sales 900 views!

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Back in May, I started a website with Go daddy, I’ve had over 900 views (when I last checked) but not one single sale! I get a lot of traffic to the website and to my Facebook page however it results to nothing. 

I’ve just transferred the domain over from go daddy to shopify and started again, I wondered if anyone could have a look at my site and give me some feedback on what needs tweaking or what can start the sales! I really did prefer how the website looked previously but really just need to give this a good kick start! 

The store website is 


really appreciate any feedback! 
thanks so much!


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Hey there, @Lwitton

Welcome to Shopify! It’s always nerve-racking to move a store over to a new platform, especially when you are frustrated with the conversions. 

So let’s get started! 

Overall: I would change the font to something easier to read. It looks cute, but it can be really hard to read. I would use it as a supplemental font rather than your primary font. 


  • Banner: Make sure it’s linked. There are a lot of missed sales on an unlinked banner promoting a sale! 
  • Hero image: I would suggest using a hero image that showcases your products (maybe on a baby model?) that stretches across the page. With a snappy message (think: shorter the better) and CTA, your visitors will know right off the bat what you’re selling.
  • Instead of going into your products, I would suggest using your collections (Boys, Girls and Unisex) to highlight your products. 
  • Use a click heatmap to see where people are clicking. What are they not clicking on? Understand how they are using and clicking across your website. You may find that you don’t need to promote 15 products but instead can feature 3-6 “trending” products. 
  • Instead of using an image to promote your Facebook and Instagrams accounts, I would use an instagram plug-in to highlight your posts. 
  • Since you have a potential international audience, have an option for currency localization. 


  • About us: It looks like your first paragraph is center justified while the rest are left justified. 
  • Reviews: Remove this page. Let the reviews live on the product pages. 
  • Newsletter: Can you put the value proposition (why someone should sign up for your newsletter) under the “Newsletter” heading? When it’s by the side, it’s not as obvious that they are together. 
  • Missing pages: You’re missing a Contact Us page, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, Shipping Policy and Terms of Service. These pages will help your visitors and help you with SEO. A page for FAQs with information like care or sizing may also be helpful. 


  • Again, use heatmaps to see which collections are most popular with your visitors. Session recordings, which act like a DVR for your website, can also be helpful.
  • Add a Shop All collection. 
  • Since you have a search function by the account log-in, you don’t need the text Search option.
  • About Us could likely stay in the footer rather than the main navigation. 

Collection Pages

  • It looks like your collections aren’t linked correctly. When I click on Girls, Boys or Unisex, it takes me to your All Products Collection. That’s definitely something you’ll want to fix.
  • Filters would be helpful here. I would add filters for material, cost, age, colors, etc. Make it easy for someone to use your store. 
  • Make sure all of your images are the same ratios. 

Product Pages

For reference, I’m on the Blue Knitted  Train Short Set. 

  • Reiterate the free shipping and link to your shipping page (once you have one). If you can, help the visitors calculate shipping before checkout.
  • It looks like all of the images are the same. Remove the ones that are repeated.
  • The description for this particular product is cut-off.
  • Add in sizing information here, too. I don’t know much about buying international baby clothes, so I’m not sure if it changes based on region. Even so, basing it off of size (i.e., weight or length) may be helpful.

When in doubt, run a poll to ask people something like, “What stopped you from checking out today?” to find those areas that may be causing friction during checkout. 

Your store is really nice, Lauren, and I know that visitor behavior is going to help you clear the way for more sales. When you use visitor behavior, you get access to what your customers experience and what stopped them from checking out. Lucky Orange has heatmaps, session recordings, polls, live chat and more with a free trial (no credit card needed) and plans that start at US $10/month.

I hope this helps, Lauren. Good luck!

Cheers - Danny

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Hello @Lwitton 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reach your site. However I have the right solution for you. Having traffics and views but no conversion of sales, one of the most effective methods would be retargeting campaign. Retargeting campaigns are used to remind customers of the products they are interested in or were put into the cart after they leave the website with very kinds of creatives. You can start by installing the Ako Retargeting app on the Shopify app store. Ako Retargeting is a cost-efficient tool that could help your business increase awareness and conversion. The app helps you get your potential customers back to your website by delivering the most relevant product information to them at the right time, right impression and right cost. You can learn about this Ako Retargeting here:

Hope this helps! 


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Hy @Lwitton

Your website is unable to open still I am having a General suggestion for increasing the sales. you can use the application named Descrii.I am also using it since a very long time I hope it will also give you the better results as I am getting from it.


You can edit your description directly from the app using the provided rich-text editor with more features than Shopify's' own product description editor.


Here the link is -

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having the same problem 

Cause i started my store 3 days ago now . With a makeup niche I have advertised on Instagram, facebook and the facebook ads are getting 5,000 views and a lot of clicks , I spent over £80 on advertising and i had over 200 visitors but no sales . Have i done anything wrong ? any advice would be very appreciated 


here is a link to my store

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Hello @Lwitton 

Hope you are doing good. Congratulations on your new store. Wish you success. 

Try to stop vall paid campaigns till u fix the below. 

Please see below my feedback.

Good site clean site. Loved the website. Good logo too. 

In mobile pls make the logo little big. 

Avoid pop-ups pls it's imp. Specially the one on home page. 

There is a issue on your website when I add a product to cart it takes me to cart page it's wrong let me know if u need help to fix that. It should just add product in cart and not go on cart page.

On product pages add the material from which the clothes are made example cotton etc. 

Add size chart for example 

For 18 to 24 months the size chart should show in inches as well as cms hope you understand. 

Shipping in how many days are you actually delivering the product you really need to be honest about delivery. I understand the lockdown situation but just mention delivery in 8 to 10 business days it's really imp. 

I have work in this industry and grown the sales of these products from USD 300 to USD 2800 per month 

I would love to grow ur product sales online via digital channels. 

Lets get connected email 

My email is and

Hope this helps 

Thank you 




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You’ve succeeded with your Facebook ad, your social media post, or whichever tactic you used to get potential customers onto your website.

But it could be the actual page that you’re landing your customers on which is hampering your chances to convert them into a paying customer.

Our best advice is to land customers on a page which delivers on the value which was promised to them by your marketing campaign.

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Hello @Lwitton, I hope you are doing good! here are some suggestions:

The home Page should flow better. I would recommend setting it out like this. Slideshow Image- Collection List- New arrivals, Bestsellers- Testimonials- Newsletter sign up box- Instagram Feed.

You should add a loyalty reward program to your store. You can give loyalty points to your customers on activities like on signing up, leaving a review, allowing for push notification, visiting a store, follow/ share on social media. This will help you to entice customers and will increase the number of push subscribers, email subscribers. This will also help you in collecting the review. You can send an in-email review form to your customers. This can be sent automatically.

Integration of loyalty reward program with web push notification, review, email marketing, and with full automation results in wonders for the eCommerce stores. It will help you in increasing conversions and sales on your store and retain the customers for the long term. 

- Add a web push notification. It turns visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers. It can be sent even when customers are not in your store and bring back the lost customer to your store. You can also send an abandoned cart push notification, it helps to reduce the abandoned cart rate.

Add exit-intent popup. Track when someone is about to leave your website and show the visitor exit-intent popup with attractive offers and coupon code to complete the purchase.

If you would like to implement the above features/ customer engagement or marketing tools in your store. I would recommend you to install the all in one Shopify app AiTrillion. I am sure you will find it useful.

Hope this Helps! 


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Hi @Lwitton 

Your store looks good and clean. Here are my suggestions from the marketing perspective.

1. I would suggest adding some product images on the banner maybe behind the text as a reflection just to make it more relevant because the header creates the first impression. 


2. Integrate an exit-intent to pop up a mechanism to your store to protect the bounce rate and store exits and turn it into an opportunity for conversions. I can recommend you Wheelify app by Care Cart to implement this feature. This will open up a spin a wheel discount pop up game to convert the potential visitors into paying ones.

3. Show live traffic on your products to boost buyers' confidence. You can add the Traffcily app by Care Cart to implement this.


4. To establish social proof, show recent sales notifications to your potential customers. This strategy will help in conversions during the holiday season particularly.

Maybe a family picture with a happy baby in the background to emotionally connect with your potential audience. Currently, The store feel seems flat with a product one. I would love to see if there is some sort of branding on the store to connect with your target audience.

5. Lastly, Integrate an email marketing mechanism too to retarget your potential visitors.

Hope this helps.


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