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I am mee to shopify and currently have a store in a small mall with hardly any traffic in it, so I am really trying to get my website off and running to help with sales. Please any feedback and help would be greatly appreciated it. I am not computer savy so I am sure It needs alot of work I just need more traffic to it.
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Hey, @Iconicnj19!


Congrats on launching your store. Overall, it looks great. Simple to use, nicely laid out, easily navigable. That's great!


There are three main ways of getting traffic to your store. SEO, advertising and content marketing. SEO is basically generating organic traffic through search engines. When someone searches 'New Jersey t-shirts' in Google ideally your website would show up on the first page, but that's next to impossible to achieve in a short period of time so it's more of a long term goal. The other two methods are what are will get you traffic and sales in the beginning, but of course, you'll need to put some work into those things before you start seeing results.


Your niche is pretty clear, people from New Jersey. But you'll want to get a bit more specific than that. To entice that demographic you need to position your brand in a way that makes people excited about it. The way you do that is through creating engaging content in ads and on your social channels. Once you've got good content and people are liking your posts and interacting with them in the comments you know you're doing the right thing and sales will come. Good content can come in the form of an advertisement, a post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or anywhere where you're communicating your brand values. I highly recommend watching this video series and implement the lessons you'll learn. 


Some comments about the design of your website:


• The aspect ratio of this photo is off leaving it stretched: 



It looks like you might be using a third party theme. You'll need to go to their help pages and find out what the dimensions of the slideshow box are and then adjust your image so it fits the box and isn't stretched in the wrong way.


• The header navigation won't collapse: 



When I click into a collection this big black header stays instead of getting smaller, leading to a bad user experience. Your theme designer will also be able to guide you on how to fix this.


All in all, I'd say you're off to a good start. Generating traffic, and converting the traffic into sales, just like in your brick and mortar, is where the challenge lays. I have no doubt you can do it! We've got many resources to help you out, so just keep on asking questions about where you're confused and the community will be here for you. 

_Ash_ | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hello @Iconicnj19 


Trust you are doing good. I just saw your store -


The website is good. just below points which I think are really really important.


1. When a user scrolls down the top header area which is a sticky area having black background the height of the same is very big it is covering the body area where the products are getting displayed which needs to be correct asap.

2. please remove social icons from the header area just having them at the footer is enough. Also remove social share from product details page.

3. About Us page is needed.

4. Contact us page form not visible cos of header black covering the website body area

5. correct information of privacy and refunds policy is needed

6. Free shipping needs to be there in the promo area on all the pages till the checkout.


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Hi Iconicnj,
I just went through your store and found various things which needs immediate improvement. Here are the points:

1. The main tabs and sub menus should be catchy enough to attractive the visitors eye. the sub menus in red text is nor at all visible. There should be other main tabs as well like: Home, All products, contact us, about us, and other collections.

2. Use at least 3 sliders in order to display the uniqueness of your business/products.

3. When you redirect to contact us page from footer link , the form is not placed properly. 

4. When you go to any collection page, The header (wide black stripe) is covering the page content which leaves a negative impact to the visitor.

5. Add live chat support App (eg: so that your customers can directly reach out to you.

 From an SEO point of view,
6. Meta title and description should be of 55-60 and 155-160 characters respectively. The collection and products page's have default mata details which need to be updated in order to rank your products higher in the search engine.

7. Add Analytics script to your website so that you can track your website traffic which would enable you to target your audience in a better way.

8. The social icon in the footer section of your website should be linked to the business pages/account on social media. Make business page/account on every social media platform and post on a daily basis with appealing images and caption in order to connect with more and more audience. 

There are many more areas which needs improvement on a very high priority. If you still need any suggestion, feel free to connect with me.


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Hi @Iconicnj19 

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